• 9th Annual Youth and Students Convention
  • Coffee harvest
  • Education Vehicle
  • St. Matthews' Cathedral Kyamate
  • Mothers' Union Resource Centre under construction
  • Muntuyera HS-Kitunga S.4 and S.6 Dedication by the Bishop 8th Oct.2019
  • Archbishop's Farewell Visit 14th-15th September 2019
  • Rubaare Archdeaconry Youth Conference 30th Aug-1st Sept.2019
  • S.6 Vacationers Get-Together 29th July 2019
  • Bishop's Cup Tournament Finals-Secondary Schools 10th July 2019
  • Launch of the year of Children 6th June 2019
Welcome to South Ankole Diocese
Mothers' Union Resource Centre under Construction
Bishop Nathan welcoming fellow Bishops
A team of Bishops being welcomed
Bishops touring different projects.
Mothers Union resource center
9thAnnual Youths Convention 2024, January 11th
East African Boys'and Girls's fellowship in August,2023 at South Ankole Diocese
Coffee Huller building at Kyamate
Education vehicle bought 2023
Secretary and the staff harvesting coffee
Mother's Union Resource Center/Hostel now open.
Bishop Nathan Ahimbiswe preaches coffee value addition


The church of the Province of Uganda is a member of the Anglican Union. South Ankole diocese is one of the 34 Dioceses in the whole province. The diocese was curved out of Ankole and West Ankole dioceses and its headquarters are at St. St. Mathew Church of Uganda Kyamate in Ntungamo District South Western Uganda. The Diocese serves 247 Sub Parishes, 44 Parishes, 8 Archdeaconries. >>Read More

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