Vision of this Diocese is: “THE DIOCESE THAT GLORIFIES GOD”

The Mission Statement: “DOING THE WORK OF HIM WHO SENT ME” John 14:12.

The church of the Province of Uganda is a member of the Anglican Union. The Church is commissioned to carry out Christ’s Mission of teaching, healing and nurturing people so that they may have abundant life and build evangelistic, loving, Caring, worshipping, peaceful and just community. The Church of Uganda is a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled Anglican Church engaged in the mission of Jesus Christ in today’s world.

South Ankole diocese is one of the 37 Dioceses in the whole province. The diocese was curved out of Ankole and West Ankole dioceses and its headquarters are at St. Mathew Church of Uganda Kyamate in Ntungamo District South Western Uganda. The Diocese serves 250 Sub Parishes (Local congregations), 54 Parishes, and 9 Archdeaconries. The Entire diocese covers about 2184sq km and with a population of 405600 of which More than 60% are Christians.


In these 7 years since the birth of our Diocese, the following have been done:

  1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His saving power is being preached using every opportunity. We have held services to different  special groups of people in Ntungamo District including: The Boda boda people, the Mobile Market Business Community, The Mechanics (Bamakanika), have visited some schools and Churches etc. of Ntungamo and some of them have received Jesus Christ as their LORD and personal savior.
  2. The Gospel of unity irrespective of our religious and tribal backgrounds is being preached in Ntungamo and people of God are coming together for development of our nation.
  3. In the month of March 2012, we introduced Overnight prayers at the Cathedral Kyamate and are held every first Friday of the month. Thousands of people come have been attending them and many great things for God are happening.
  4. The diocese held the first synod on 13th March 2012.
  5. All the 5 Diocesan Boards have been formed and have sat to plan for the diocese, the Diocesan Council is also in place.
  6. Recently we formed South Ankole Kampala Chapter composed of people hailing from our diocese but staying and working in Kampala, Wakiso, Entebbe, Mukono and Jinja and are doing well.
  7. We have a cooperative and hardworking team of Diocesan officers, Dean, Archdeacons, priests and Lay Readers, who are active and doing well at all levels. It is my prayer that they keep it up.
  8. We have very active and hardworking Head of laity-Mr. Emmanuel Kyakana, Head of Clergy Canon Cranmer Mwesigwa, Diocesan Chancellor Hon. Stephen Tashobya and his deputy Mr. Karuhanga.
  9. We have held key important conferencesand workshops in this diocese including: Conference for Headteachers and other heads of Institutions of our Church founded schools in the Diocese, had a conference for our Diocesan Clergy and their spouses, had a one day conference for our Diocesan Lay readers, had a one day conference for key Church leaders in our Diocese , we hosted a three days East African Revival Leaders Conference, and recently we had a one day conference for Mothers’ Union leaders from each Sub-parish within the diocese etc


Together with the Diocesan team and Christians in the diocese, we hope to fulfill all or most of what was put in the Charge during the Consecration on 8th January 2012 in the areas of Evangelism and Discipleship, Education, Health, poverty eradication on household level, Youth and children ministry, ministry to the olds and other infrastructure set up in addition to what is already done.