I greet you in the precious name of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Head of State, Religions, the Political, the Cultural, the Civic, Christians, Youths, Children, Guests and everybody here present, you are welcome. I welcome you to this special occasion of my consecration and enthronement as First Bishop in this newly born Diocese of South Ankole, on this 8th day of January 2012. Your presence here is a living testimony that you are rejoicing with us in the same way the wise men from the East went to see and rejoice because of the birth of Jesus.

On behalf of my dear wife Lilian and our Children Timothy, Mark, Peace and Elnathan, the Christians of South Ankole Diocese and on my own behalf, we would like wholeheartedly in the Name of Jesus Christ extend our warm welcome to you all in your various capacities to South Ankole  Diocese. Keep blessed as we celebrate together.


I take this rare opportunity and privilege to extend a special welcome and appreciation to Your Excellency President General YoweriKagutaMuseveni and Your dear wife “Maama” HonourableJanet K. Museveni who is the Minister for Karamoja, a Member of Parliament for Ruhama County and also the Chairperson of the Consecration Committee. We sincerely thank you for honouring and gracing this occasion with your personal presence. Also thank you very much for the great contribution towards the building of St. Mathew Cathedral Kyamate and the work you are doing for God and our Country.

Your Grace the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi and your dear wife “Maama” Phoebe, we profoundly appreciate your able and exemplary leadership and ministry. You have been a shepherd, a friend and a mentor and role model to many especially the young generation that will live to remember you throughout their life time.

The House of Bishops of the Church of Uganda and your wives, visiting Primates and Archbishops and your spouses, our partners in Mission within and from beyond Uganda, we appreciate your presence.

I am so grateful to God for entrusting me this noble and honorable office. I am very humbled by this gracious call. I wish to thank the Synods of Ankole Diocese and West Ankole Diocese through their joint nomination committee and the House of Bishops who, with the guidance from God, chose and elected me to serve as a Bishop in the Church of Christ.

I appreciate the serving bishops of Ankole Diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa and Alice; and that of West Ankole Diocese Rt. Rev. YonaMwesigwaKatooneneand Elvaidahand Christians from both dioceses who have given birth to this newly born Diocese of South Ankole.

I extend my appreciation to all our predecessors: Bishop KosiaShalita and Irene, Bishop Amos Betungura and Costance; Bishop Elisha Kyamugambi and Mabel, Bishop George Tibesigwa and Efrance; Bishop YoramuBamunoba and Beatrice and Bishop William Magambo and Joy for the foundation they laid towards the creation of this diocese. I thank the Provincial Assembly who accepted and passed the idea of the creation of this Diocese.


I was born in a Christian family, I used to go to Sunday school in my home Church Kanyeganyegye C.O.U in Masheruka Archdeaconry Sheema District and was even an active Youth member in Church but I had never given my life to Jesus Christ personally. I engaged in the pleasures of youthful stage but gained no much. It was not until 30th October 1983 when the Gospel of Christ was preached in a Mission organized by African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE) while at Mbarara High School in Senior two with a Theme: “SEEK YEE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGTEOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED ONTO YOU” that I gave my life to Jesus Christ. The Lord forgave my sins. I started experiencing God’s love and forgiveness personally.

My friendship with God was restored. I became an active child of God in His work since then to this day. I joined the school Scripture Union (S.U) Fellowship and was even a Chairman of S.U up to S.6. I started reading and studying and preaching God’s word seriously and applying it in my daily life.

I have never regretted to why I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I have walked with the LORD Jesus as a Youth in Secondary School, as a College student, teacher, chaplain, married man, as a priest and by His grace I will continue even to walk with Him as a Bishop until I join Him in Heaven.


The LORD’s first initial call came when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior. But like the boy Samuel under Eli as read in 1Samuel 3:1ff, I didn’t understand the call and the caller well. Even though I was a preacher and teacherof God’s Word, at first I did not want to be an ordained Church Minister but wanted to go to Bishop Tucker Theological College Mukono and do Bachelor of Theology and become a well informed evangelist and teacher of God’s word. Even when I enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in Divinity of Makerere University Kampala but at Bishop Turcker Theological College in 1994, my goal was to deepen my knowledge of God and be an evangelist. I thank God for Bishop Kyamugambi the bishop of Ankole Diocese by then who didn’t refuse me to join the college after declaring it to him. Otherwise I would not be what I have become today.

In the process in my final term of 3rd year 1997, God arrested me and I accepted to be ordained and in that year it happened. From then I received joy and peace of mind. As the MOTTO of Bishop Turcker Theological College then states, “CALLED TO SERVE” I started enjoying the Ministry of serving God and His people to this date!

However, in my primary five, Bishop YoramuBamunoba, the retired Bishop of West Ankole diocese visited our home parish in Masheruka on confirmation tour, I recited John 3:16- 20 in English before him. “He held my hands and blessed me. Not every child could receive this. This blessing kept within me all through and made a difference in my life

At the age 18 ietwo years after my getting saved, Late Rev. Canon BlasioItima of West Ankole Diocese put his hand on my shoulders while walking together  in the compound of MasherukaGirls’ Secondary School and told me these words in RunyankoleRukiiga: “Ku origumanaYesu, oraabaO’womuhendo, Ow’omugashokandiOw’ekitiniisa.” Literary meaning, “If you remain with Jesus, you will be of value, useful and honored” This statement influenced my life so much to this date because there power in spoken words. I grew up knowing that I am of value, useful and honored.

At some moments of my growth, people nicknamed me “Jesus” especially during my High School time. Others would call me “Reverend” even before being ordained in Church Ministry and some even would call me “Bishop” All these nicknames were prophesies of what God was to do later. They shaped my character and the way of doing things. May God be honoured and glorified!



In obedience to the Great Commission by our LORD Jesus Christ as read in Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, Acts 2:41-42, We are Commissioned to go and make disciples of all nations. This is not an option but a command by our LORD Jesus Christ. A Church that does not have Evangelism in her heart and discipleship in practice is a crippled Church. It will go limping and a time will come when it will collapse and die. May the Church of God in this new dioceseand the whole Province of the Church of Uganda  not die during my time and your time.

Proclamation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all people in a holistic manner for the well being of the body, mind and soul. The focus will be on discipleship, training and nurturing people in the faith and that faith become manifested in the works remembering the words of Apostle James “Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead” James 2:17. We shall use the existing structures in place and create others. The structures include Youth, House of Clergy, Mothers’ Union and Fathers’ Union, Sunday school, Lay Evangelists, Christian Women and men fellowships, home fellowships (cell groups), schools Ministry etc. This will be done through Training conferences, Seminars, Conventions, Bible study, Retreats, Fellowships etc.

We shall strengthen and support intercessory prayer ministry which shall be established in our parishes. Remember the word the LORD says in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land”

Jesus’ threefold ministry of preaching, teaching and healing will be reflected at the center of the Diocese and we shall share the Gospel in Schools, Colleges, Churches, villages, Towns, across boarders etc.

Revival has been central in this place of Kyamate and coordinating brethren from Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. This will continue and even more supported. We hope to build a center here at the diocese to bless this Mission.

We hope to partner with the Christian/Para church Organizations including: Provincial Missions Department, Africa Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE)Compassion International, Bible Society of Uganda, Scripture Union of Uganda (S.U)World Vision Uganda, Life Ministry Uganda,  Fellowship of Christian Unions of Uganda (FOCUS), our neighboring Dioceses etc.


Isaiah 29:13 The Lord says: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men” Therefore time has come to:

– Promotion of worship that St. John talks about in John 4:23-24: “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.24. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and truth.”

– Encouraging lively worship in our Church services and encouraging Christians to give themselves completely to God.

– And to teach Christians that worship is not only on Sundays but view worship as a lifestyle wherever they are- in their homes, work places, farms, schools, businesses, in their leadership etc.

– Worship means carrying the glory of God wherever you are and being the salt of the earth and the light of the world.


The early Christian Church shrived because of the fellowships that were taking place in their homes. It is not hard to have these fellowships and prayer sessions in homes and families within the same locality. This enhances oneness and supporting each other on grass root level. I therefore request all of you to have these home prayers and fellowships. Encourage one another, build up each other, help one another and bear one another’s joys and challenges. (Cf. Acts 2:42).


Stewardship of our resources, time, gifts and abilities is very crucial and is a critical element in our ability to work in God’s Mission field. Therefore we shall work on:

– Identifying and developing peoples’ gifts, talents, skills and abilities both to the clergy and the laity, equip, support and develop them to use all these to advance His Kingdom.

– Transparency and Accountability System to be in place at all levels. We are committed to transparency and wise use of money, Land and Human Capital Resources God entrusts us for expanding His Kingdom. We shall train people the Biblical Principals of Stewardship and encourage them to apply these principals in their daily lives and Church Ministry.

– God has greatly blessed this New Diocese in the form of land and other property plus development oriented people. We shall be committed to become faithful stewards so that we are able to use this land and acquire more land for development of our diocese. We shall:

  1. Make an inventory of land and all other Church property throughout our Diocese.
  2. Educate Christians about their responsibility to safeguard Church land and property.
  3. Utilize Church land for income generating projects, eg, tree planting, demonstrational farms, farming in general etc.
  4. Establish other income generating projects that will make the diocese become self sustained at a certain time.
  5. Establish a Diocesan Research and Database office to carry out research and collect data we need for diocesan development and Ministry.


For a long time our church ministers have in one way or the other suffered grossly when they are serving in the Church and after retiring from the active service. I believe a Church Minister- clergy or lay readers or Church worker should not suffer economically and socially while serving in our Church. They pray blessings to you and become blessed! Why don’t you in turn bless them? We thank those churches that care and looked after well their Church Ministers. A well looking Church Minister is a blessing to the Church. I will do the following to help the situation:

  1. Challenge and Encourage Christians to look after those serving them as Church Ministers both clergy and Lay readers. Christians need to learn to care and bless their Church Ministers. For example you may take them food, clothes; even can pay fees to their children, build them houses, buy them cars where possible, motorcycles, bicycles etc. That Reverend or Lay reader will serve joyfully and wholeheartedly. Remember a bad looking tree cannot produce good looking fruits. I encourage this standard to be met in your Archdeaconries, parishes and sub-parishes.
  2. Hope to start a pension scheme that will help the retiring and the retired to keep economically stable. It may be wise to form a SACCO to this effect.
  3. I request the government to continue supporting Church work and Church ministers because our services lead to a stable nation.
  4. Encourage Church Ministers to have self help projects that can help them.
  5. Training of Church Ministers to serve with a purpose will be prominent. We shall work to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding and considering their call. We encourage young people to join Church Ministry and other related important trainings if we are to have continuity. We shall send these to Theological colleges, Universities and Bible Institutes,etc in Uganda and abroad. I encourage people of good will to sponsor the persons to be chosen for these studies.


Christ’s mission which is our mission involves healing and offering to His people life in its abundance. An integral part of our mission will be prayers for healing and deliverance for those who are physically, emotionally and spiritually sick. We are committed to providing healthy care through:

  1. Establishing a well built and equippedMission Hospital at the Diocesan Center here at Kyamate that will support Government efforts to bring services nearer to the people. Uganda’s population is steadily increasing and a hospital in this area will be a blessing not only to the people of Ntungamo but other parts of Uganda and the surrounding nations like Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Congo. We request the government, NGOs and people of good will to support us fully in this mission and the earlier the better. I am happy to report that Africa Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE) through their Team Leader Rev. Canon Geoffrey Byarugaba has promised to donate some beds and mattresses to this hospital when it starts.
  2. Need to improve facilitate the existing health Centers in the area and provide better services with the support of the Government of the Republic of Uganda.
  3. We shall continue to support and expand the ministry of Community Health Empowerment (CHE) as it expands to other parishes.


The world we are living in has many challenges and therefore there is a great need for counseling services. The Diocese will aim at training counselors and establishing counseling clinics/ offices at different levels. We hope to have marriage therapy and counseling, career guidance and counseling, HIV and AIDS counseling, general counseling. We hope to link with Uganda Counseling Association (UCA) and other NGOs to enhance this ministry.


Stable families spiritually, economically and socially make a strong foundation for the Church and the nation. We thank the government for the effort to improve the standards of families on grass root level through Bona bagagawale programs and NAADS. As a diocese we shall partner with the government and to work towards the welfare and improving individuals and household income by:

Establishing  programmes that will help us to participate in the Millennium Goals fulfillment.

1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. 2. Achieve Universal Primary and Secondary Education and even at University level. 3. Promote gender equality and empowerment of women. 4. Reduce child mortality. 4. Improve maternal healthy, Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. 5. Ensure environmental sustainability. 6. Develop a global partnership for development.


God has blessed this diocese with much land and well enlightened human Resource. We shall put our heads together and work towards self sustaining diocese by establishing foundation for economic base of our diocese and not depending alone on Sunday collections. I have learnt that Christians in this diocese have a great heart for giving God and have been supporting the Church seriously. May God continue blessing you as you continue this heart of giving. You will never become poor by giving back to God what he gives us. When you do good, good will always follow you.

In addition to that, God willing we shall set up projects within the diocese looking at the Archdeaconries and parishes, the resources we have there.

We hope to have guest houses, Conference halls, have demonstrational farms, tree planting projects, resource centers etc.

We shall strengthen our Diocesan links, and partnership in the Province of the Church of Uganda, the wider Anglican Communion and Faith based NGOs. This will yield something great.


We are blessed to have Church founded schools and Institutions through which many prominent citizens have gone. But unfortunately some of them have been neglected by the stakeholders because of our bad stewardship and forgetting our role as a church. Therefore we pledge to join hands with the government in running of these schools.

We need together join hands and work with the Education officers, Headteachers and teachers to devise means of improving the quality of education through local and international partnerships if possible.

As a Church we need to know our duties and responsibilities in schools and Institutions. And as a Diocese we will encourage church leaders – the clergy and the laity as well as evangelists to embrace schools and Institutions and provide pastoral care to them. We encourage the Archdeacons, Parish priests and Lay readers to visit schools within their locality and bless the children, students and staff. The Head teachers are required to cooperate with them and open schools for them. We will try to place right trained chaplains in these schools and institutions to do the needful. We will make sure that Diocese is doing well in the management of these schools and Institutions through management committees and boards.

We will support the government programs of UPE and USE. We will do all that is within our means to see that our schools are properly developed and administered for the good performance and holistic development of our children and youth.


A Church without strong and well established groups of men and women will greatly miss it. Therefore this Diocese is going to aim at having strong, supported and well established groups of men and women as follows:

A)     Fathers’ Union.

B)      Mothers’ Union.

C)      Ministry to Young Married Couples.

D)     Ministry to the Single Parents.

E)      Ministry to the Elderly.

Each of these groups will have a proper work plan and be support fully to run well so that the Church of God will grow more and God become glorified.


– A kraal without calves is a gone kraal. Youth Ministry is very important and needs serious attention.  We shall make youths ministry and children ministry our priority.

– We shall Support Youths projects and holding Youth Conventions, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops to improve life skills and morals needed in their career and growth.

– We shall establish groups like Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade and equip them to grow with a purpose and for a mission.

– Children will be brought up in a manner that will help them grow into good Christians and citizens. We shall Facilitate and Train Sunday School teachers and other Christian teachers  at all Church Levels to minister well these children. Personally, I will be visiting schools not only on confirmation tours but always visit them casually and bless them and their teachers. I encourage the Archdeacons, parish priests and Lay readers and even other stake holders to do the same.


God created us different and each one of us is very unique from the other. But we have one thing in common: We were all created by God and in His own image. Therefore there is a need to respect each others faith and work to maintain peace and harmony and tolerate each other, love our nation and serve God and His people faithfully irrespective of our religious background.

Through Inter-religious Council and Uganda joint Christians Council (UJCC), we shall encourage people to work together and fulfill what Jesus told His disciples: “A new command I give you, love one another. As I have loved you, you must love one another…” (John 13:34).

We are grateful to God for our government and remarkable efforts to embrace God’s people. We pledge our total support and cooperation in the promotion of the government programmesgeared towards peace, reconciliation, unity, co-existence, tolerance, development and prosperity.


We shall engage in Education and sensitization on matters of environmental conservation. We shall engage in reforestation by planting trees for not only getting incomes but also conserving our nature. We shall teach individuals about conservation of nature, develop tree nurseries and continue partnering with organizations concerned with environmental conservation.


“No man is an Island” No diocese can stand alone without others. We shall work towards partnering with other dioceses, Government of the Republic of Uganda, NGOs within and abroad, Christians based Organizations, individuals and any others group that do godly work to God’s people. I request each one of you to come up with your connections, friendships, gifting that can help us develop this diocese into a diocese that glorifies God to come up and join hands with us.

As St. Paul says in Ephesians 4:16 “From him the whole body, joined together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work” I request each one of you to do his/her part. South Ankole Diocese is going to be a model diocese and a diocese that glorifies God. May you and I do the works of Him (God) who sent us joyfully, reverently, skillfully, purposefully, wholeheartedly and fulfilling God’s Mission in and through you because you are not an accident on this planet earth.


I am grateful to the Almighty God Who is entrusting me with this office of Bishop in His Church. I am sure as He was with Samuel as a youth to be a prophet, King David at the age 29 to be a king, Jeremiah at tender age to be a prophet, Timothy to serve as an Overseer /Apostle of Christ Jesus in Crete as a young man etc , the same God will be with me. I am always encouraged by words of 1Tim. 4:12.

I thank the Government of Uganda for the freedom of worship that prevails. However, we need to keep an eye on those who want to use this freedom to promote ungodly things under this freedom of worship.

I commend the leadership of His Excellency the President of Uganda, General YoweriKagutaMuseveni and Honourable “Maama” Janet Museveni for your support and gracing this occasion. We commit ourselves to always pray for you and our country and even give counsel where needed as Prophet Nathan did to King David as read in 2Samuel 12 for a stable leadership and governance. May God bless you richly with His wisdom.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi and “Maama” Phoebe for your charismatic and visionary Leadership and for presiding over this celebration of our consecration and Installation.

Rt. Rev. Joel Obetia and your dear wife for your leading us in the retreat; you inspired, sharpened, equipped, counseled and prepared for the ministry ahead of us and even preaching at this service. May God bless you.

Thank mother Dioceses of Ankole and West Ankole and their bishops and Christians for allowing this diocese become born by you. We thank Rt. Rev. YonaMwesigwaKatonene and Rt. Rev.  Dr. Fred Sheldon Mwesigwarespectively for handing over the staff at the birth of this diocese. I request you and your Christians to care for this newly born diocese to grow healthier and not to suffer from “Kwashiorkor”.

All retired bishops who served in these dioceses before and their wives for the foundation layed.

All the Bishops, clergy, Lay readers, Canons, Church development pillars and elders and all of you Christians for your endless sacrificial ministry to God’s people. Your labor has not been in vain.

We Thank Hon. And “Maama” Janet Museveni Minister for Karamoja and MP Ruhama County and who is the Chairperson Consecration Committee for your enormous supportand skillful way of doing things.

Thank all members of the Consecration Committees both Kampala and Ntungamo for your tireless contributions and skillful arrangements. May God give you more years to keep serving Him.

My parents Mr. Yokana and JadressKabazeyo for being great to us since childhood to this day. My brothers and sisters , relatives and friendsfor being there for us.

My God-parents for your spiritual mentorship.

My dear wife LilianAhimbisibwe and our children Timothy, Mark, Peace and Elnathan. You mean a lot to me. Thank you for your daily prayers and support.

My teachers at primary, secondary, college and University levels. Your labor was not in vain.

The families of Mr. &Mrs John Rweihura, late YowasiBakatagura, Mr&MrsMakuru Wilson.

All my spiritual mentors at different levels especially Revival Teams in Uganda.

Special thanks to our friends within Uganda and abroad for their in put through sponsorships and prayers. We thank Mr. Jim and MegWardropper and  from Canada for your support, Mr. Dicky Roberson and your dear wife from Jackson Mississippi U.S.A for your standing with us in many ways, Rev. Canon Amos and Jean Magezi and Dale and Cathy Hollenbeck, Canon  Johnson Twinomujuni for your contribution towards my studies in USA.

Thanks to Reformed Theological Seminary Mississippi U.S.A for your sponsorship to do Masters Degree there.  Thanks to First Presbyterian Church Huntington Indiana U.S.A for paying part of the tuition fees needed while doing Masters Degree studies.

Thanks to Bishop Turcker Theological College Mukono presently Uganda Christian University by then under the leadership of Principal ElphazMaari for the good training we acquired when doing Bachelor of Divinity of Makerere University Kampala.

We also thank National Teachers College Kakoba presently Bishop Stuart University under Prof. Emmanuel Karoorowho was the Director when I was doing  Grade V training.

I thank my school Mbarara High School (ChaapaNte), the staff and students, parents and stakeholders, and all OBs where I was a student, Teacher, Chaplain,Married man all totaling to 24 years. This means a lot to us. Thank you for keeping the name of the school. I thank all the headmasters who were so caring: Mr. James Kishaija, Mr. UziahBagatagira, Mr. JoramTibasiimwa, Mr. KikuruEliakim who acted HM for certain time, Mr. Henry Turyagyenda, Mr. Nathan Kateeba and the present HM Mr. John Agaba  who was three days old at the school by the time I left for MUBS.

I cannot forget Makerere University Business school (MUBS) Nakawa for being a school that enables the future of many. For 4 years I was there as a chaplain, I have no regret. Thanks to Prof. WasswaBalunywa the Principal, the Staff, the School Council headed by Dr. Sentongo, students and entire body of MUBS.

Our Christians of St. James Chapel MUBS. You have been great to us. May God bless you more even get all the money needed to build that proposed Chapel and Resource Center on that Campus.

Thank Christians, staff ordained and non- ordained of Kampala Diocese for your support, fellowship and team work you showed us for the 4 years with you.

Revival Teams of Mbarara and Kampala and those of Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

We appreciate the work done by people of God in Ntungamo and elsewhere who contributed to the building of this good and nice looking St. Matthew Cathedral Kyamate and nice spacious Bishops’ house. May God bless each one of you and May you keep doing the same as we plan to put up staff quarters, offices and other diocesan projects to be undertaken.

All the individuals, friends, families, groups, Dioceses, Archdeaconries, parishes, Sub-parishes for your sacrificial giving and spending of your (prayers, ideas, advice, energy, time, talents, and treasures (Material and monetary) which led to the success of this event. Thank you for our congratulatory messages and visits. May the God reward and bless each one of you abundantly. All those who disciples us and shaped us in every way. May God bless you too.

Concluding Remarks:

As I come into this office of the Bishop of South Ankole Diocese, pioneering the diocese is not a joke. I am aware that this work cannot be done by one person. The success of Christ’s mission largely depended on team work- joining together for the sake of Jesus Christ. In this diocese we will strive as much as possible to work as a team. We are called to be one body, united for our God-given Mission.

The example of Jesus’ servant leadership inspires us to emulate his example in ministry. If he trained and used 12 Apostles to accomplish great things for God of whom we are the beneficially, why can’t he use us to continue doing the same and even much more to set up the foundation for the next generation. May you be available to be used of God for every good work. Remember The Mission Statement: “DOING THE WORKS OF HIM WHO SENT ME”

John 14:12 “Most assuredly, he who believes in Me, the works that he will do also; and greater works than these he will do.…”

Also remember the words of St. Paul as read in 1Corinthians 15: 58 “Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain”


Rt. Rev. Nathan Ahimbisibwe.

Bishop of South Ankole Diocese.