The department is currently run by Rev Can. John Katabarwa who works hand in hand with Rev.Nabimanya Innocent Mark.

Departmental mission

Enlightening the church and Society with Sound knowledge

Core objective

To equip the church/Society with holistic knowledge thus be able to fit in this competitive Scientific and Technological changing society.

Background information

The department is comprised of 4 Units namely,

  1. General Education which covers all Church Schools/Nurseries, 125 Primary and 22 Secondary Schools.
  2. Child Ministry (Children Ministry) which covers all 250 Churches, 54 Parishes, 9 Archdeaconries who need to be evangelized from time to time.
  3. Vocational Education through technical Training Schools/ Colleges.
  4. Theological Training for Capacity building in Church Ministry.

Activities by the Department:

  • Since its inception on 8th January 2012, South Ankole Diocese has gone through remarkable metamorphosis.
  •  Education Department has a Board “Diocesan Board of Education” as its supreme governing body that reports to the diocesan council.
  •  Schools/College monitoring and supervision is done through visitations by the office and Board members.
  • Councils committee and general meetings is been held such as Boards of Governors, Parent Teacher Associations for making decisions, monitoring the progress and mobilizing finances for Schools.
  •  Teaching – Learning evaluation, this is done through Diocesan Joint Exams like P.7 Promotion, Pre-Primary Leaving Exams and S.4 and S.6 Promotional Exams.

Prayer Issues,

Education Department Vehicle,

We are serving a vast area which needs to be penetrated to reach the all the need our services. The work is done through hiring, Public transport and at times walking long distances.

We hope to acquire Lithography for the department and equip personnel so as to make the work easy.

Pray for support to promote child education in the Region.