Our objectives.

  • To help financial managers to make effective and efficient use of resources while reducing the likelihood of errors and misappropriation of funds.
  • To help the Church be more accountable to its Partners/Stakeholders.
  • To provide information to support both short and long term planning and preparation of realistic annual budgets, thus helping to ensure the Church’s long term financial viability.

The department serves 283 Sub Parishes, 62 Parishes, 10 Archdeaconries, Schools and the Diocesan departments and the Province of the Church of Uganda office. Covers the area of the boundaries of South Ankole Diocese that comprises of the Counties of Kajara, Rushenyi, Ruhaama and Ntungamo Municipality.

Departmental Staff


Mrs.Ritah Nyiramugisha– Treasurer

  1. Mr. Sande Alex Mukose                  – Accountant
  2. Rev.Richard Tumuhimbise                         -Cashier

The Bishop is the overall accounting officer, Assisted by the Diocesan Secretary as administrator.


  • We have financial accounting manual that guides us in managing funds.
  • We have most of books required in record keeping and we are using them
  • We have computers with a printer
  • We have enforced internal financial controls at all levels of our Church ie. From Sub Parish to Diocese.
  • We have started on Mothers’Union complex and Mission hospital construction
  • We have managed to pay staff stipends promptly.
  • We have started a pension scheme though still very small.
  • We have started a SACCO (Bank)

Challenges to Address:

  •  Low income: We depend entirely on Christians giving that is still very low and most of them are not salary earners. They depend on Agriculture products yet they are small scale farmers.
  •  Clergy and Lay readers as accounting officers are not trained in book keeping yet there is no enough money to employ experts.
  • The office does not have enough computers to ease the work .This would be done by installing Financial Accounting Packages.


  • Acquire plots/ buildings in towns/City as long term income generating project. To encourage Archdeaconries, Parishes and Sub Parishes to do the same.
  • Equipping our staff through refresher courses and encouraging them to add on their Education to stand the taste of time.
  • Encourage churches to acquire land titles.
  • Start farming, for both Animal and food production

Prayer requests/support

  •  The above plans needs prayers and support, but above all let us use them to glorify God in south Ankole Diocese.
  • Pray that transparency and accountability of church resources be the priority of our department in order to fulfill our Mission and objectives.
  • Pray that people of good will come up among us with good ideas, visions and material contributions to develop our Diocese to greatest horizons.
  • God’s blessings be upon us all.

Mrs.Ritah Nyiramugisha