6th SADAYSCC January 10th-13th 2019

Dates: 9th – 12th JANUARY 2020

Rev. Can. John Katabarwa| Diocesan Education Coordinator- +256 772398581
Rev. Ezra Mwesigwa | Diocesan Youth Coordinator Tel+256 702 527460 / 0776527460
P.O Box 39 Kyamate- Ntungamo, Uganda |
Email: rev.ezramwesigwa@gmail.com| youth@southankolediocese.com
Website: www.southankolediocese.com
South Ankole Diocese is honored to Organize and host the 7th Annual Youth Students and Children Convention that brings together youths and youth leaders from different parts of the country and abroad. The convention offers great opportunity for Prayer, Worship, Teaching and Networking; opportunity for youths and youthLeaders to learn from each other’s experiences explore and be equipped in ways of influencing their communities.
The SADAYSC 2020 theme is “My Father Is Working until Now, and I Am Working” John 5:17. We seek to build from the previous themes “Be careful how you walk” Ephesians 5:15. For 2013, “No Turning Back” Heb 10:39 for the year 2014, “Be an Example” 1Tim 4:12 for 2015, Faith without works is dead” James 2:17 for 2017, “Go and make disciples…” Matt.28:19-20 for 2018 and “Always remember what you have learnt” Prov. 4:13 for 2019. Salvation is a journey in which every believer must work and walk daily seeking to be Christlike because Jesus is the perfect role model.

Unfortunately our present Youth generation lives at a time of serious Identity Crisis, Provocative Media, unemployment and many contemporary issues that make it seem impossible to be a good example to others and. Through the conference the Lord seeks to remind participants that it’s Him that works in us to will and to do and therefore by his grace we will keep in the race irrespective of what comes our way the youth are to fix their eyes on Jesus so as to be good examples to the present generation and others to come. Halleluiah!

Session Topics:
-God’s call to bear excellent and lasting fruits.
-Exploiting your talent as a Christian Youth.
-Jesus our model.
-Christian Leadership.
-Planing Ahead.

Workshop 1: Yet to be posted………
Workshop 2: Yet to be posted…………..
-Rt. Rev. Nathan and Maama Lilian Ahimbisibwe.
-Rev. Can. Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye.
-Rev. Can. James Rutaraaka.
-Rev. Can. Ronald Kakye.
-Rev. Alex Abraham Bwambale.
-Mrs. Dinah Nabaasa.

The Convention is fully residential, running from Thursday 9th – Sunday 12th January 2020
Thursday is the arrival and all participants are expected to check in before 5pm to allow ample time for the opening ceremony. Sunday 12th will be the closing ceremony and checking out.
The Conference is to be hosted at the spacious Kyamate Secondary School located about 1 Km from Ntungamo Town along the Mirama Hill road. The Conference medium of communication is English and Runyankole. There are translation services arrangements where deemed necessary.
Accommodation for all participants is provided at the Conference Venue in the School’s halls of residence. Accommodation rooms are provided with sizeable & comfortable beds and Mattresses properly and adequately arranged. Running Water, proper sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness in wash/bathrooms, toilets and accommodation rooms are guaranteed at all times; generally ensuring a comfortable environment and enjoyable stay. Participants are encouraged to carry light beddings and personal effects.
For participants’ safety, there are security guards on duty at the Conference Venue all the time. Participants are encouraged to adhere to instructions and co-operate with them as much as possible without being personally offended. Sufficient food in quantity, quality and variety is served at meals at the Conference. Preparation and serving of ready & good meals are guaranteed. Participants are advised to avoid drinking Tap water as Drinking water will be provided.
Attendance of workshops, participation in sports & games and also in the Bible quiz night is based on the groups and every participant is encouraged to attend. To enhance orderliness and enable ample reception, participants are encouraged to confirm their participation prior the Conference. Registration can be done by sending an email to youth@southankolediocese.com or filling out and returning the registration form to reach the youth Officepreferably not later than Monday 30th December 2019 – about 2 Weeks to the Conference.

On arrival, participants are requested to report to the Registration and Hospitality Desk for registration, initial briefing, allocation of group & accommodation, acquisition of Info Packs & Name Tags. There is a Team to guarantee a hospitable environment for all Participants and ensure ambience all over the Conference Venue. For a fruitful time at the Conference, a very high degree of discipline, conduct, co-operation, focus and understanding is demanded. Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions and outings from the conference venue are highly discouraged.
Funding and sponsorship for participants is by Diocese, Parish, Church, and School, College, University or individual support. Each participant is required to register with Ushs 21, 000 (this includes a Mattress) as a contribution towards the cost of the Conference.
Participants are also to meet their transport & travelling costs from and back to their places. The Conference hosts (Committee) will meet the rest of the Conference budget expenditure and costs through support & appeals from persons of goodwill. Funding and sponsorship for the Conference is very much welcome and appreciated. Persons with a heart for the generation of young people can provide financial support and make grants through a twin approach:
• Co-funding of the Conference budget covering accommodation & meals, facilitation of Ministers, co-ordination & administration, Printing & Stationery, Publicity & Communication, Equipment & Coverage components; or • Offering sponsorship & bursaries for teams of young people from a Country, Province(s),Diocese(s), Church (es), School(s), College(s) or University (ies) to participate in the Conference. Such sponsorship & bursaries would cover the beneficiary participant’s Transport &travelling costs and registration Fees. There is a full time open clinic at the Conference Venue. There are also Health Care Assistants at the Conference. These administer First Aid and attend to any medical cases.
General Security: Ntungamo enjoys security and peace however It is highly advised that participants be careful and cautious not to misplace their belongings.
Social & Dress Code: Ntungamo people by culture like most Ugandans are known for their hospitality and kindness. Whereas the dress code in Uganda is basically informal, Participants are encouraged to observe decent and modest dressing.