The head of the human resource office is Rev. Canon Charles Rutabingwa

The office began in 2017 in South Ankole Diocese


The most important resource of any organization is the human resource.

These are people who supply the organization with their knowledge; skills, experience and efforts to enable the organization achieve her strategy.

For the successful and effective function of an organization, management of the organization, must have committed and motivated workforce. It is the people who can use other resources of the organization to achieve company goals. Therefore managers need to set up systems, policies, and procedures that attract and retain quality human resource.

In order to attract and retain human resource; managers must satisfy various social, psychological and economic factors about people, most people prefer to work in groups to satisfy social-psychological needs. Individuals need to be recognized and appreciated for their contribution to the company for a period.

However, human resource ensures that the company jobs are designed and the organization is structured to meet the company goals. This calls for appropriate jobs with an efficient and effective organization structure.

Human resource management is the new version of personnel management. However, there are some in the following matters;

  1. Personnel management is a traditional approach of managing people in the organization, while human resource management is a modern approach of managing people and their strengths in the organization.
  2. Personnel management focuses on personnel administration, employee welfare and labour relation. While human resource management focuses on acquisition, development and maintenance of human resource in the organization.
  3. Personnel management assumes people as an input for achieving desired output. Human resource management assumes people as an important and valuable resource for achieving desired output.

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