Here is a brief overview of the six stages ‘Josephs’ go through in order to understand, navigate, and fulfill their purpose in life

1. Recruitment Stage. There is usually a crisis in the life of the leader that ushers them into a large story

2. The Character Development Stage. Like Joseph and David, there was a season of character development to remove pride from the leader’s life

3. The Isolation Stage. God often isolates the leader to turn his mess into a message and make him a messenger.

4. The Cross Stage. God often allows betrayal to take place in the leader’s life to see if he will wash the feet of his Judas.

5. The Problem Solving Stage. Joseph’s are problem-solvers. God uses their adversity to make them a problem-solver in culure.

6. The Networking Stage. God uses networks. Joseph had 12 tribes. He uses networks to accomplish his assignment.

Every Joseph will go through these six stages in order to fulfull the call of God on his or her life.

Keep blessed