The Planing and Development Department is Headed by Rev. Edmund Mwesigye as acting Planner.

The Department focuses its work on the fight against poverty, disease, environmental degradation, hunger, nutrition, illiteracy, injustice, and marginalization of the poor in society.  The Department implements a “bottom up” community development strategy to empower families at household level so that they take charge of their own development agenda to improve the quality of their life irrespective of their faith, sex, tribe, or ethnicity.

The aim of the program is to make local communities and Church of Uganda institutions self-reliant in their day to day requirements.  Its emphasis is on building their capacities to enable them to identify, prioritize their challenges/needs and act to reduce poverty, hunger, and promote environment and good health among the people of God.

We have been able to:

  • Shift from subsistence farming to commercial farming
  • Encourage churches to acquire land titles
  • Promoting farming in God’s way
  • Sensitize people on land use planning and management
  • Sensitize communities on socio-economic development aspects as the way of helping them to eradicate poverty
  • Promote environmental protection


  • We propose that there should be income generating enterprise or project at every church and household in the whole Diocese
  • We propose that in case of any development at every church, planning department should first verify it such that land resource is well planned for.
  • We also propose that every construction of either church or house at every church, there should be a plan and the Planning department should file a copy.
  • We propose that there should be sub-committee or evaluation committee to monitor, evaluate and advise on the progress of several projects. This committee should sit at least once in two month.
  • We intend to move in the whole  Diocese sensitizing communities on socio-economic aspects as the way of helping them to eradicate poverty
  • We propose to have rain water by constructing tanks or pumped water from dams that is cost friendly and reliable
  • We plan to write proposals to solicit support that can lead to Household and Community Transformation 


  • Low funds for activities
  • Lack of funders
  • Draught
  • Price fluctuation
  • Thieves

Rev. Edmund Mwesigye

Ag. Planning and Development Officer

Rev. Edmund Mwesigye