Rev. Ezra A. Mwesigwa

Welcome to South Ankole Diocese Youth and Children’s Department.

The Youth and Children’s department is currently headed by Rev Ezra A. Mwesigwa who works hand in hand with the Diocesan Youth council to run the activities. Ezra is graduate from Bishop Barham University College-Kabale (UCU). He has served in different leadership roles in Christian circles; Life Ministry Uganda (Campus ministry), Graduate Christian Fellowship in MUBS, Alpha Uganda. Has ran purpose Driven Life Campaigns with several groups. Currently he is also the Diocesan Communications Specialist.  The ministry we are called to can’t be contained in church setup but also reaching the unchurched – (Reaching the youth where they are). Quite often many people tend to think of today’s youth as the leaders of tomorrow. But Scripture never places us in such a category. It never instructs us to wait until we are more mature or knowledgeable or skilled before we begin to take God’s Word seriously and consider what plans and purposes the Lord has for our lives. According to God’s Word, we are to be leaders even today who earnestly desire to honor and serve our Lord wholesomely. Many Biblical characters like, Joseph, Daniel, Samuel, Jeremiah realized their call when they were still young.  Paul told Timothy, a younger man in the faith “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (1 Tim. 4:12). God specifically commands us, as young people, to be leaders—to lead by example. We are to understand God’s instructions to us and let the world watch us grow in our spiritual walk with the Lord.

Mr. Nabort Asiimwe is the Diocesan Youth Council Executive Chairperson. He is also a Youths leader South Ankole Diocese and together with his team have been able to do ministry in almost all schools in the diocese.

The main objective of the Youth and children’s department is “to raise up God fearing, responsible youths a midst a perverted and sinful world into young men and women that glorify God” and our Mission is ensuring that the youth and children become a pertinent component ministry of the Great commission as for a time they have been a ‘’great omission’’ in the Great Commission. The Department is focused on reaching to the pupils and students in all levels of education i.e. primary to university, those who did not go to higher levels of education but can be equipped with life skills and knowledge to maximize their God given potential abilities, the orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), the slum and street children, who cannot access the basic amenities of life, offering Counseling and guidance to those affected with HIV/AIDS, un wanted pregnancies and equipping them with life skills that can translate their plight into opportunities to live productive lives. The Youth and children department covers all Archdeaconries of this Diocese and works hand in hand with Education department and by nature and scope of its work is under the Diocesan Mission and Evangelism Department.

Other Specific Objectives.

  • Youth and Children evangelism to all people in Schools, villages, working class and different area of the society.
  • Train the youth and equip them with life skills to proactively guard them against HIV/AIDS and those associated with sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Rising up a Diocesan Youth evangelistic team to carry out the noble cause of reaching out to the World with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Train children ministers (both ordained and lay) in how to meet the spiritual, psychological and physical needs of children and youth and make the Christian environment appealing to them.
  • Have established Sunday schools to cater for the rising needs of the children’s spiritually needs in our communities.


  • Mobilizing funds to procure a vehicle at least a Mini bus to carry out the Youth and children’s activities.
  • Holding quarterly, annual Youth conferences and conventions in schools, Churches and villages to reach out to the Society.
  • Holding music, Dance and Drama festivals to make use of the idle potentials of the young generation.
  • Holding sport galas to maximize the peoples’ abilities and promote Co-curricular activities in the Young generation.
  • Mobilize funds to set up a radio programme that can react out to all stakeholders of the church and communities in child advocacy in ensuring their maximum wholistic welfare.

We know with many challenges of school drop outs, early pregnancies among adolescents, many orphaned disabled children and vulnerable children in our communities, God is willing and pleased to bless us with resources (both human and financial) to cater for the needs of this large potential category of Christians in the church. Welcome on board to partner with us.