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Hello, welcome to Bwongyera

Located in the serene area of Bwongyera, Bwongyera Archdeaconry is home to four vibrant parishes. In everything we do, the Lord is our strength, guiding us and empowering our community. We invite you to join us and experience the warmth, faith, and dedication that define our Archdeaconry. Together, we strive to serve with love and commitment, making a positive impact in the lives of all we reach.

Parish Sub-Parish
Bwongyera Bwongyera COU
Kikuuto COU
Ihuriro COU
Kakiika COU
Nyakabaare COU
Kifunjo COU
Kyabashenyi Kyabashenyi COU
Rwankoora Rwankoora COU
Kiina COU
Kitojo COU
Nyabubaare COU
Nyarubira COU
Bishengye COU
Mahwa Mahwa COU
Kahengye COU
Nyakafunjo COU
Kasomoro COU