Mission and Evangelism Coordinator

Name: Rev.Can. Yokaana Nyebikira

Our ministry remains committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by proclaiming the Gospel, making disciples, and building up the body of Christ. Through our various activities, we continue to see lives transformed and communities impacted for the glory of God.
We have outreach missions in towns and parishes
Overnight prayers
Marriage counselling for married couples
Coordinating missions workers in churches
Discipleship and mentorship
Evangelism in urban areas
bible study groups
Christian fellowships in churches
Men and women conferences and finally healing and deliverance

Putting Christ at the center is was we pray to see in every Christian. We are here to help proclaim the gospel of christ to all and to also help Christians learn more about God's word.

Email: nyebiikirayokaana@gmail.com
Phone: 0753220341

House of Prayer Coordinator

Director of Education
Boys and Girls Brigade

Name: Rev. Nabimanya Innocent Mark

As a key figure in the educational landscape, I play a crucial role in shaping the vision, policies, and practices that drive educational excellence. We are able to achieve this through;
Planning and Supervising education activities in the diocese
Enhancing learning abilities and good habits in children.

I also serve in the Boys and Girls brigade which is ministry that serves God through the producing melodics from brass and percussion instruments. It nurtures talents in young men and women in skills of playing instruments like trumpet, trombone, drums and a lot more.

This ministry not only does it look out the out bring of great spiritual growth of people in the diocese but also growth in social, physical, intellectual and more in everyone and also to develop the gifts and talents given to everyone by our Lord Almighty

Email: innomark2001@gmail.com
Phone: 0782762745/0705762745

Director of Household and community transform

Name: Rev. Edmund Mwesigye

Greetings to you all ladies and gentlemen in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
The department of Household and community transformation (HCT) is the social services and community development arm of the province of Church of Uganda Provincial Master Strategic plan 2016-2025. It was formerly known as planning and Development and Rehabilitation (PDR).
The major goal of the Department is to contribute toward increased household income and imporved quality of life among the communities in South Ankole Diocese and Uganda in general.

1. To empower and facilitate households and communities to realize and harness their potential for sustainable development.
2. To promote and ensure sustainable utilization, development and effective management of natural resources for socio-economic development in the pronvice.
3. Develop policies on natural resources, food security, income, and disaster risk management for sustainable livelihoods through various projects like Coffee, Ovacado Hass and banana

Tel: +256782685105/+256705849565
Email; edmundmwesigye@gmail.com

Incharge of South Ankole Diocese Mission Health Center

Name: Ainamani Benjamin

At the heart of our hospital lies a commitment to excellence—a commitment to providing the highest quality of care to every patient who walks through our doors. From our dedicated medical staff to our compassionate support personnel, each member of our team shares in the noble mission of healing, serving for positive change in the lives of those we are privileged to serve.
Our serving lies in giving General medicine, Laboratory Tests, Eye care tests, Counselling services and a lot more.

More to that, I am to share with you to mind about the diseases that can be as a result of one's lifestyle or their diet. These are non-communicable which are usually hypertension (High blood Pressure) and Diabetes mellitus (High blood glucose levels). Causes could be by diet like;
1. Taking processed sugars
2. Eating foods with too much raw salts and many more.
Then those by lifestyle like;
1. Non regular physical exercises
2. Alcoholism and smoking.
So we need to avoid doing what causes such diseases and live a happy life.

Email: benjaminainamani2@gmail.com
Phone: 0772920563/0754899742

Diocesan Sacco Manager

Name: Tumusiime Elias

In the world of financial cooperatives,SACCOs play a key role in providing accessible financial services to their members. Within the framework of a SACCO, I assume a central position to foster its growth and sustainability.
Growing the SACCO includes formulating and implementing an integrated strategic plan of the SACCO providing strategic direction and leadership of the SACCO. This helps direct all operationql aspects including service delivery, channel operations, human resources and many more.
But with all that, I inform you that South Ankole Diocesan SACCO and its employees do take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the new year and wish you all the best in it. Also we continue to thank you for your great support which has made us register significant milestones.

Email: eliasthelordsson@gmail.com
Phone: 0789188862

Father's Union Coordinator

Name: Rev. Caleb Arinaitwe

Father's Union is a member based fellowship of married men in the church of Uganda that is committed to build Christ centered families through christian men. It is a unit under the directorate of missions in South Ankole Diocese.
We Vision modelling father's union that promtoe families that glorify God, have a mission to promte prosperouds family life by equipping men to offer leadership based on Christian values. We have been able to;
1. Men's fellowships
2. Couple Seminars
3. Promotion of Boy Child and several more.

Email: marriagewax@gmail.com
Phone: 0781686204

Mother's Union Coordinator

Name: Beatrice Tumwesigye

Mother's Union office is under mission department and is headed by the mother's union Coordinator. She is responsible for coordinaating women in the diocese to achieve the mother's Union 5 strategic objectives.
1. To uphold Christ's teaching on the nature of marriage and promotes its wider understanding
2. To Encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and Life
3. To maintain world fellowship of christinas united inprayer, worship
4. To promote conditions in the society favourable for stable family life and protection of children
5. To help those families met with adversity

In summary, we coordinate mothers and women to sustain families, marriages minus divorce, care for God fearing children and teach the word of God to families, to council unstable families and promote conditions in society for up bringing and protecting children's rights.

Email: beatricetumwesigye82@gmail.com
Phone: 0781166447

Diocesan Youth and Communication Officer

Name: Rev. Asaph Mujuni

This is a calling encompasses a diverse range of activities focused on evangelism, mentorship, and community engagement to empower and equip youth in their faith journey. We always look forward to playing a great role in organizing and facilitating workshops, conferences, and school ministry programs aimed at reaching young people with the message of hope and transformation found in the Gospel. Through these initiatives, the Youth Coordinator creates opportunities for young people to encounter God, grow in their faith, and develop meaningful relationships with peers and mentors.
Youths are church leaders of today and tomorrow. Invest in young people and you will never regret.

Email: asaphmujuni4@gmail.com
Phone: 0788034511/0705891013

Children's Coordinator

Diocesan Inspector of Schools