South Ankole Diocese was curved out of Snkole and West Ankole Diocese and its headquarters are at St.Matthew Cathedral Kyamate in Ntungamo District South Western Uganda. The Diocese serves 250 Sub parisjes, 54 parishes, 9 Archdeaconaries. The entire Diocese covers about 2184sq km and with a population of 405600 of which more than 60% of these are Christians.
The development of an idea of proposing a Diocesan center in Kajara and Rushenyo in west Ankole Diocese was as attempt to get services nearer to the people. With the creation of Ntungamo district in 1993, it became apparent that a communcation barrier had been aggrevated. Therefore kyamte center was seen as a suitable place where Christians would converge more easily and share spiritual and administrative guidance.

The church was continuing to grow in believer's numbers especially the youth as a result of mission and evangelism. Christians needed nearby services such as discipleship and teaching. Christians constituting the Archdeaconaries of kitunga, rugarama, kibatsi, bwongyera, rubaare and rukanda (west ankole diocese), kyamate, ruhaama and rukoni (ankole dioces) by consensus expressed their need for the church of uganda to alloe them have a diocese. following several meetings on the matter that began on 5th december 1998, christians in the above mentioned archdeaconaries worked together towards the goal. then bishops,rt.Rev William Magambo of west ankole diocese and rt rev Elisha Kyamugambi of ankole diocese blessed the proposed diocese. preparations went on prayerfully and physically putting up the necessary structures that saw the diocese ready by the end of 2011. the house of bishops of the church of the province of uganda sitting at commonwealth speke resort munyonyo 28th september 2011 elected Rev canon Nathan Ahimbisibwe as the 1st diocesan bishop of the newly created south ankole diocese who was consecrated and installed on 8th january 2012 in the presence of a multitude.