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It's a Pleasure to Welcome you to Deanery

Located in the bustling area around Kyamate, our Deanery serves as the spiritual nucleus of the Diocese, comprising seven vibrant parishes. Over the years, our Deanery has experienced remarkable development, progressing from grace to grace under the guiding hand of God. His divine presence has been palpable in every aspect of our journey, fostering growth, unity, and service within our community. From humble beginnings to our present state, we have witnessed the transformative power of faith and dedication. We extend a warm invitation to you to join us in celebrating the blessings and achievements of our Deanery, as we continue to journey forward in the light of God's grace.

Parish Sub-Parish
Kyamate Kyamate COU
Nyabubare COU
Nyakashozi COU
Karambi COU
Kahunga COU
Mutanoga COU
Rwencwere COU
Kizaara COU
Rukiindo COU
Mpama COU
Nyaburiza Nyaburiza COU
Nyakatunguru COU
Kabuhome COU
Muriisa Muriisa COU
Kinyamagyera COU
Nyakibigi COU
Butare COU
Kitembe COU
Kiyoora Kiyoora COU
Rugoma COU
Kataraka COU
Rwenkuba COU
Nyamirembe COU
Katooma COU
Nyamirama COU
All Saints' Ntungamo All Saints Ntungamo COU
Kikoni COU
Kabahambo COU
Mutanoga COU
Muyogo COU
Kabira Kabira COU
Kiburara COU
Musaana COU
Ngoma Ngoma COU
Rwembirizi COU