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Kibatsi is Delighted to have You here

Nestled in the heart of Kibatsi, Kibatsi Archdeaconry is home to five vibrant parishes, each serving as a beacon of faith and community spirit. We extend a heartfelt welcome to you, our esteemed visitor. Through God's boundless mercy, we have witnessed His blessings touch every family and activity within our Archdeaconry. His grace has been our guiding light, fostering growth, unity, and devotion among us. We invite you to join our blessed community, where the love and mercy of God are ever-present, enriching our lives and our ministry. This message warmly welcomes visitors and emphasizes the role of God's mercy in the life and activities of Kibatsi Archdeaconry.

Parish Sub-Parish
Kibatsi Kibatsi COU
Ibaare COU
Kihumuro COU
Kamuri COU
Rwamabondo Town Church
Kakananga COU
Burambira COU
Rukarango Rukarango COU
Nyakibigi COU
Ruyojwa COU
Katunga Katunga COU
Kyenkuku COU
Butanda COU
Kyamajumba COU
Kateero COU
Rukoni II Rukoni COU
Kyakakama COU
Kibaare COU
Rucence COU
Nyakayenje Nyakayenje COU
Kakwanzi COU
Muziguru COU