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Rubaare Graciously Welcomes You

Situated in the picturesque landscape of Rubaare, our Archdeaconry is home to eight vibrant parishes. We are pleased to share that God's hand has been evident in every aspect of our journey. Under His divine guidance and provision, Rubaare Archdeaconry has flourished, embracing growth, unity, and service to our community. The Lord's grace has brought harmony to our leaders and activities, enriching our spiritual endeavors and fostering a deep sense of belonging among our congregation. We extend a warm welcome to you to join us in experiencing the blessings and joy of fellowship within our blessed community.

Parish Sub-Parish
Rubaare Rubaare COU
Nyamirindira COU
Kibonwa COU
Rubanga COU
Rukiri Town Church
All Saints Rubaare All Saints Rubaare
Rwabaramira COU
Mutojo COU
Obuyoora COU
Kaina Kaina COU
All Saints Rwentobo
Kyoruhega COU
Nyakahoko COU
Kagugu Kagugu COU
Nyanga COU
Mugono COU
Nyakasa COU
Rugongi COU
Karubuga COU
Rwamanyonyi Rwamanyonyi COU
Ruhega COU
Kyobwe Kyobwe COU
Kibaare COU
Rukukuru Rukukuru COU
Kijura COU
Kijubwe COU
Kabasheshe Kabasheshe COU
Rwenkoona COU
Rwengwe COU
Kyobwe Kyobwe COU
Kibaare COU
Kacerere Kacerere COU