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Rugarama is Honored to have You

Situated in the vibrant community of Rugarama, our Archdeaconry is blessed with eight flourishing parishes. We are delighted to share that with God's hand upon us, Rugarama Archdeaconry is thriving in all aspects of our ministry. His divine guidance and blessings have empowered us to grow in faith, unity, and service. The Lord's presence is evident in our daily activities and in the harmonious relationships among our congregation. We warmly invite you to join us and experience the joy and peace that come from being part of a community deeply rooted in God's love and grace.

Parish Sub-Parish
Rugarama Rugarama COU
Ngomba COU
Mutojo COU
Kagongi COU
Mugyera Mugyera COU
Kasaana Kasaana COU
Kyafoora Kyafoora COU
Kajumbajumba COU
Rubaare COU
Kabimbiri COU
Ruyonza Ruyonza COU
Kyenjubu COU
Kakanena COU
Nyarwanya COU
Murambi I Murambi COU
Nyakabungo COU
Rukoko COU
Kabankanga COU
Kamahuri Kamahuri COU
Nyakitabire COU
Kyobugombe COU
Ruhega Ruhega COU