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Ruhaama is excited to have You here

Nestled in the serene surroundings of Ruhaama, our Archdeaconry comprises seven dynamic parishes. We are delighted to share that God's hand has been evident in every facet of our journey. Under His divine guidance and providence, Ruhaama Archdeaconry has flourished, embracing growth, unity, and service to our community. His grace has brought harmony to our leaders and activities, enriching our spiritual endeavors and fostering a deep sense of belonging among our congregation. We extend a warm invitation to you to join us in experiencing the blessings and joy of fellowship within our blessed community.

Parish Sub-Parish
Ruhaama Ruhaama COU
Rwengoma COU
Rwamwire COU
Rwenshama COU
Murambi II Murambi COU
Kabuhungye COU
Kigarama COU
Kibeho COU
Kagongi COU
Kamate COU
Katwe COU
Rwentobo COU
Kafunjo Kafunjo COU
Mpama COU
Kigando COU
All Saints Mirama COU
Mirama COU
Kyarwehunde COU
Kishami Kishami COU
Mitooma COU
Kyakashambara COU
Kahenda COU
All Saints Kikoona COU
Rwenanura Rwenanura COU
Kitembe COU
Rwikiniro COU
Kakukuru COU
Kicece COU
Kyenjojo COU
Kabungo Kabungo COU
Kyamugashe COU
Katojo Katojo COU
Mushasha COU
Igurwa COU