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Welcome to Rukanda Community

Situated in the picturesque locale of Rukanda, Rukanda Archdeaconry proudly comprises four distinguished parishes. We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to you. Here, the Peace of God has always prevailed, fostering harmony among our leaders and in every activity we undertake. Our Archdeaconry is a testament to the tranquility and unity bestowed upon us by divine grace. We invite you to join our esteemed community, where faith and fellowship flourish in the serenity of God’s everlasting peace.

Parish Sub-Parish
Rukanda Rukanda COU
Ibumba COU
Kashenyi Greater
Kyenturegye COU
Nyakariro COU
Butare COU
All Saints Kashenyi
Nyakabingo COU
Rutungo COU
Kyajere COU
Kanoni COU
Ngoma I Ngoma COU
Kakarwe COU
Kabingo COU
Nyaruhanga COU
Ruhara Ruhara COU
Kizinga COU
Kakura COU
Rukiinga COU
Rwebirere COU
Kiyanja Kiyanja COU
Kashate COU
Nyakabaka COU
Omunshenyi COU